martes, 19 de mayo de 2009


Dear Mr. President: Workers, business people and public officials across Mexico are extremely thankful to you and to the entire American government for your support and leadership during the difficult events of recent months.
As you know, Mexico has been struggling along with the rest of the world with great economic challenges, and the recent Influenza H1N1 has only compounded the difficulties we face. Tourism is a vital segment of our economy, with some 6 million direct and indirect jobs dependent upon it, and the effect of the flu has been dramatic. More than 15,800 hotels, 258,000 restaurants, travel agencies, and car rental companies all depend upon tourism, and so we are now struggling to maintain jobs and in fact the very future of our tourism industry. In addition, over one hundred thousand American jobs, including travel agents, airlines flying to Mexico and other related fields have been negatively affected, and other countries are feeling the effects as well.
And so we thank you President Obama, on behalf of the workers (waiters, maids, bartenders, clerks, maintenance, security and entertainment staff), business people, tourists entrepreneurs and the millions of Mexican families, for your proven support of our country on both economic and social issues. But Mexico still needs more action to help us through these very difficult times. We implore-thank you to expedite the complete removal of the Travel Alert currently posted “warning” and recently downgraded to “precaution” by the U.S. State Department for travel to Mexico. Our many inviting resort destinations are more than ready to host world tourism; it must be pointed out that no cases of the H1N1 virus have been recognized in most of Mexico’s cities and beautiful beach destinations. Millions of Mexican workers daily do their very best to ensure U.S. tourists have the most memorable quality holiday and help them experience our world famous hospitality. These Mexicans look forward to continuing their work in the days and months ahead.

Without dismissing the outbreak of this viral infection in parts of Mexico, it is imperative to note that as per latest CDC report a: “slowing down of the outbreak in many cities” and “less severe than originally thought”. Our hotels, restaurants and airports are using reinforced world class sanitization procedures to minimize possibility of any spread of Influenza. Many hotels are exhibiting their confidence by offering a “Flu Free Guarantee” for travelers: in the unlikely event a traveler does contract H1N1, he and his companion will be provided a free holiday of similar nature for each of the next 3 years. Please, let us all work together. It should also be noted that the World Health Organization does not recommend travel restrictions to Mexico.
It only makes sense that U.S. policy reflecting the realities of the situation. As Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said last week: "We are cautiously optimistic that this particular strain will not be more severe than a normal seasonal flu outbreak." Mr. President, we look forward to the opportunity of hosting you and your beautiful family and any or all of your distinguished Cabinet at any of our world class tourist destinations within Mexico in the near future. Seeing is believing. All of us reiterate our gratitude and best personal considerations.

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